Since our founding in 1992 as Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik España SL as a branch of the Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik, we have made an excellent name for ourselves with domestic manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers, in no small part due to our particular know-how, innovative products and perfect systems solutions. In addition we have reached a leading position in the Spanish market. In 2006 SAF and HOLLAND Group Inc joined forces and opened up a series of new perspectives for us.

As a subsidiary of SAF-HOLLAND, it is our pleasure to completely redesign our product and service palette, allowing us to intensify our activities in Spain: We deliver to and advise vehicle manufacturers and transport companies regarding after-market equipment. Additionally we deliver axles and suspension systems.

Apart from axles and suspension systems for trailers and semi-trailers we now also deliver king pins and landing gear, as well as fifth wheels for trucks – high quality components and perfect system solutions for vehicle manufacturers and their customers the transport companies. Our head office is in Montornés, 20 Km faraway of Barcelona. From here we organize our distribution activities, coordinate spare parts logistics and ensure and fast and reliable service for our customers.