Trailax AB was founded in 1995 and is located in Jönköping. It was no coincidence that Jönköping was choosen but instead a well thought-out decision. Jönköping is well placed in the southern region of Sweden and is, as a matter of fact, a hub between the three largest cities in Sweden. Trailax is a daughter company of Stara OY in Finland and that is also not a coincidence since Stara OY is representing SAF-HOLLAND in Finland. That means, we have a lot of common ground and the cooperation across the borders are both logic and meaningful.
SAF-HOLLAND is one of the world leading manufacturers of axles, suspension and other components for commercial vehicles and Trailax cooperate with all manufacturers of vehicles in Sweden.
Despite being a fairly young company there is a significant experience within Trailax which is very beneficial when it, for example, comes down to choosing the correct axle & suspension for a trailer.
Mainly, our business focuses on axles & suspensions for OE as well as spare parts for the AM. Especially spare parts are a very important area for us since we believe that no chain is stronger than its weakest link. A cliché, maybe, but in this case very true. Therefore, our ambition is to keep a complete stock of spare parts. Both in quantity as well as in different variants. We have a close cooperation with dealers all over the country giving us a very good coverage and quick respond & supply to the customers. No end user must wait or travel far to get hold of the correct parts.
That is our goal & ambition and we work steadily to refine and improve this area.